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SinStella II

Roughly a decade after the launch of the iconic design MoonLashes cutlery series, Vera had a casual feedback conversation and exchange with a friend restaurateur and celebrity chef. During the dialogue, the business owner complained about the so many broken high quality and expensive crystal glasses. Vera was up for the challenge!

In 2010 Vera begun an intense journey designing glassware. Exchange with some of the World’s best chefs and a careful analysis of what defines “elegant drinking” gave her the first insights in what the perfect glassware should be. She was able to reduce it to one fact: the precious liquid has to rise to the top of the glass. This is usually done using a stem and a foot. To avoid it, Vera developed a sparkling sculpture which at all times remains at the table. Only the hollow glass body with the liquid – such as champagne – is moving to the lips.

The core of the new art of glamorous drinking is the sublime rock crystal base, unmatched in brilliance and shine. The sculptural base acts as “garage” for diverse crystal glass inputs and highlights the artistry and creativity of the host!


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Special thanks goes to chefs Roland Trettl, the executive chef at the Red Bull Hangar-7 in Salzburg at the time, and Gabriel Kreuther in New York. Both chefs shared their understanding and expectations helping improve both first and second series of the extravagant SinStella champagne glasses.

Timeless: a true eye-catcher

In the words of a true master chef Gabriel Kreuther, SinStella is an intriguing conversation piece on the table. Served with champagne, it creates beautiful bright reflections around the room and elevates the dining experience.

Expert involvement: “Simply perfect”

More than 10 years of cooperation with some of the World’s best chefs provided us with crucial industry insights. Combining their wishes with our designer experience and know-how, we have brought SinStella to perfection.

Versatile: “Let’s get creative”

SinStella glassware was developed so it fits different types of events and occasions. As different inputs fit the glass base perfectly, it will encourage creativity when setting up your festive table.

Joyful: “… yet glamorous”

Although chefs usually describe SinStella as playful, it is still very glamorous and will serve as an ice-breaker on the table, impressing your guests with its iridescent sparkles and reflections.

Sparkling: “A string of bubbles”

We all love those glittering strings of pearls rising up the glass. This is why the elegant SinStella design makes pouring and drinking champagne even a bigger sensation. Simply put, our champagne bubbles longer.

Individualized: “Tell your story”

SinStella glasses come as pure and sand-brushed. We can also make them more personal by engraving them with your personal decorations, monograms, initials, patterns, signs. Perfect for special occasions, so let’s make your glasses even more exclusive!

Robust: “Strong and made to last”

We believe all good things should last, so we made SinStella glasses much more robust than the traditional glasses. Traditional breaking points are eliminated or reduced to a minimum. In case the Flute, Enterprise or Shot breaks, the base remains the same.

Sustainable: “The glass that lasts”

Sustainability is our way of thinking and this is why we decided to offer special After Sales Support. This means, in case of a slightly chipped glass edge, we can still simply grind it down. Please, have in mind that the Support takes place in Central Europe, so transportation costs have to be taken seriously.

Why is SinStella better?

We have designed SinStella so it eases the problems of the fine dining industry while still offering a special, glamorous experience for the guests. With our truest appreciation of the crafting process, we have committed ourselves to the highest quality and ethical standards from the choice of materials to the final production and delivery.

SinStella is brought to life in a magnificent artistic process. The base is cut out of a block of massive, flawless, entirely bubble-free optical crystal glass and then extensively polished, while the Flutes are mouth-blown crystal glasses of highest quality, unlike the ever more popular cheap borosilicate glass imitations often used today. This will make you and your guests handle the SinStella with even greater attention, just as precious, luxurious glass pieces should be handled.

In a case of damage, only the bowl has to be replaced, the base remains the same. Still, glass safety is even further improved with the special SinStella tray, which prevents unpleasant accidents and breakage of glass by firmly keeping the glass inputs like the Flute.

This makes SinStella even more convenient for very different formats of parties and events, such as receptions and catering events, but also a bit more cheerful special occasions, such as big celebrations and weddings. And don’t  worry, if the SinStella base is not close for you to lay aside your Flute, you can simply put it in your blazer.

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