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Vera Pure makes the impossible reality. Every solution is unique and one of a kind! The complete manufactoring process from the prototyping to the refinement is done until perfection. The architectonic macroscopic expertise makes the creations so particularly intriguing and special.


Vera thinks “outside the box”. As an architect, she is proficient in understanding the complexity of the “world” and the environment.

Therefore, the wishes of the boss, of the service staff and the owner, as well as the interior designer and the guest, are a potpourri, a mixture of sometimes conflicting challenges. It is important to maintain a clear line and to come up with a creative solution.

In the famous “Tantris” in Munich, Hans Haas had a desire for a flat plate without a rim. Mr. Metzger, Chef de service, of course, wanted an area which could still be touched by a waiter’s thumb.

Vera’s solution: an asymmetrical plate, with no rim at the front, but a small rim elegantly arises at the narrow side reaching the right side of the oval in a comfortable “field” that is perfect for waiters while serving.

So wishes of both sides were brought together. The financial considerations of Mr. Eichbauer, who financed the tools for the porcelain production, had to be taken in. It was also about a “pleasing” appearance, which in the case of a contemporary gourmet temple like the Tantris had to be futuristic with full functionality (stackability, scratch and break resistance).

The claim to the poetic in Vera’s designs created the bridge between all these aspects. Numerous tries and errors proved what a gigantic challenge in terms of production technology the asymmetry was.

And this is how the first asymmetrical tableware for serial production to this day was created. It is today sold by Tafelstern.


The famous fish restaurant Proto in Dubrovnik was captivated by Vera Pure fish cutlery but for the lobster, they had to find another solution. Not only did Vera develop a lobster spoon and a fork, she also took care of a tool – cutlery to fillet the fish at the table.


The caterers have to not only wash but also transport the glasses. Space is always scarce.

Luckily, there are producers (Vera Pure collaborates with “Fries”) who accordingly to the glass size assemble their washing racks. Thus, a washing rack of 50×50 cm (smaller standard of professional dishwashers) can store 49 flutes. What a space win!

Likewise, no additional polishing is needed, because no residual water is left on a reversed foot of a glass thanks to the shape of the flutes. So is storing, cleaning and transport extremely practical and space-saving.

Of course, caterers need a matching tray: and Vera’s solution is an innovation! The first-ever textile tray, which not only protects the crystal glasses but also gives more freedom and allows more creativity when using different SinStella Inputs.

Whether it’s the UFO or the Enterprise, the Shot or the Flute: serving is simple and, above all, safer.

At events with numerous guests, the serving staff will not drop the tray from the hands if the accidents occur. On contrary, the glasses will only be shaken in the textile tray but will not be broken and will not spatter or even hurt guests, if the broken pieces bounce back from the ground.

The extraordinary for the guests is, of course, the handling: the high table in front of them with openings to put their glasses in – be it a flute, a small plate or a glass bowl.

The surface of the high table is new – seen from the top down or bottom up – and makes special effects possible when using light or dry ice: these high tables offer a chance for a real staging of an event.

What makes the SinStella Flute even more practical is the possibility to store it in a jacket pocket during a reception – you always have your hands free to shake hands or eat something.

About us
Vera Pure

About us

VERA PURE creations are nourished by Japanese “Wabi Sabi” philosophy, Italian design esprit and Swiss precision. VERA PURE’s highest priority is the function integrated into the design.

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