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When a small business has such a strong echo in the media – namely without any scandals – then the “out of the box thinking” seems to have led to fruitful results.


ORF Heute Leben

„Vera Purtscher in ORF Heute Leben als "Architektin der Haubenrestaurants“

VERA PURE Designs Cutting Edge 'Moonlashes'

„VERA PURE Designs Cutting Edge 'Moonlashes'“

Architect-turned-designer, Vera Purtscher of VERA PURE, discusses the design philosophy behind her elegant and ergonomic cutlery collection, Moonlashes.
Story by Amber C. Snider

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Win VERA PURE stunning MoonLashes cutlery
Luxury Travel Diary

„Win VERA PURE stunning MoonLashes cutlery“

Once again we teamed up with the Luxury Travel Diary in a special auction for 4 ‘Entry’ sets of our MoonLashes cutlery in Special Steel. This rare and unusual cutlery has to be made by hand, which makes it so exclusive. Architect designed; this range is both aesthetically pleasing whilst offering outstanding functionality. Click below for more.

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Dieses Besteckset ist designt für Genießer

„Dieses Besteckset ist designt für Genießer“

Regeln sind da, um gebrochen zu werden. Nach diesem Motto hat Vera Purtscher ein Besteckset designt.
Zwei Monatsgehälter. So viel hat sich Architektin und Designerin Vera Purtscher vor über zwanzig Jahren für vier einzelne Stücke eines Bestecksets von Josef Hoffmann kosten lassen.

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World of McIntosh

„A thoughtfully curated showroom offers a unique, all-encompassing sensory experience elevated by Vera Pure designs.“

Creativity takes courage
FOUR Magazine

„Creativity takes courage“

Yet another excellent issue of the FOUR Magazine is out and it features our SinStella Champagne Flute!
FOUR is presenting stories and unique content showcasing the world’s best eco-conscious chefs, exclusive lifestyle concepts & luxury travel destinations.

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Entertain like the Royals with SinStella glassware by Vera Pure

„Entertain like the Royals with SinStella glassware by Vera Pure“

After the successful MoonLashes cutlery collection, the latest creation by VERA PURE is the SinStella glass series, which aims to revolutionize the fine dining experience in the catering and private sector. SinStella was born from an inspiring cooperation with some of the World’s best chefs.

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The Duchess of Sussex' favourite designer

„The Duchess of Sussex' favourite designer“

Austrian architect Vera Purtscher began her design career in 1997 with her first tableware designs – a teapot warmer “Inner Fire” for Alessi followed by the Tantrisporcelain and the unique MoonLashes cutlery which quickly found its way to the tables of some of the World’s best chefs. Her latest collection, the SinStella glassware launched last year is exclusively used by chef Gabriel Kreuther in his eponymous restaurant in New York.

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ROYALES GESCHIRR: Königliche Gläser aus Heerbrugg
St. Galler Tagblatt

„ROYALES GESCHIRR: Königliche Gläser aus Heerbrugg“

Zwei Champagnerflöten mit der Königlichen Krone und den Initialen «M & H»: Das ist das Geschenk an das britische Brautpaar Meghan und Harry. Das Design stammt aus Heerbrugg. Vera Purtscher kreiert und vertreibt von dort die zwei Produktlinien «Moon Lashes» für Besteck und «Sin Stella» für Gläser.

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Schweizer Designerin kreiert Gläser für Harry & Meghan

„Schweizer Designerin kreiert Gläser für Harry & Meghan“

Sie findet sich als einzige aus der Schweiz im Hochzeitsalbum von Meghan und Harry: Vera Purtscher. Denn die Royals schlürfen Champagner aus ihren Gläsern. Fürs Brautpaar gibts Kelche extra mit Krone und Initialen.

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Die Royal Hochzeit hat Österreich-Bezug!

„Die Royal Hochzeit hat Österreich-Bezug!“

Die Vorarlberger Architektin Vera Purtscher konnte mit ihren SinStella-Champagnerflöten punkten und wurde in das offizielle königliche Hochzeitsalbum von Meghan und Harry aufgenommen! Wir haben mit ihr gesprochen!

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Swiss Foodies

„2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Swiss Foodies“

With the arrival of the holiday season, I am pleased to share the second edition of my holiday gift guide for people in Switzerland who are passionate about food and cooking. Once again, these are my hand-picked favorites, with a range of prices, and in no particular order.

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Indulge in the Art of Luxury Drinking with SinStella

„Indulge in the Art of Luxury Drinking with SinStella“

Originally designed with high-end restaurants that endured many a broken glass in mind, SinStella’s designer Vera Purtscher sought to create a champagne glass that would be equal parts beautiful and useful. Each piece is made of handblown crystal K-9 glass, with a sturdy base that holds the drinking glass upright.

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Insiderin Vorarlberg: Vera Purtscher

„Insiderin Vorarlberg: Vera Purtscher“

Sie formt Besteck, wie es ihr gefällt und plant gerade eine Tischrevolution. Vera Purtscher ist Designerin und Architektin und mag Vorarlberg.

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„FOX 5 shows McBride Sisters Wines out of SinStella by Vera Pure at the World of McIntosh in New York“

Illustrious women: Vera Purtscher, owner of Vera Pure

„Illustrious women: Vera Purtscher, owner of Vera Pure“

This section of my blog debuts today with an article about how Vera Purtscher, an Austrian-Swiss architect and designer, who started the story of Vera Pure over 15 years ago.

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Best of the Best 2016: Leisure | Dining: Gabriel Kreuther

„Best of the Best 2016: Leisure | Dining: Gabriel Kreuther“

Nothing is left to chance at Gabriel Kreuther’s elegant, modern eatery in Midtown Manhattan. His attention to detail starts with comfortable cream-colored banquettes, tables spaced so there is room to breathe, and places set with sculptural Vera Purtscher flatware.

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#TabletopRadar: Vera Pure, SinStella, & A New Experience!

„#TabletopRadar: Vera Pure, SinStella, & A New Experience!“

2016 has been an unstoppable year for industry leaders. However, when that happens its usually the little guys that fall the most susceptible to being overshadowed. So, in an effort to celebrate the entire world of tabletop, not just big players we’re starting a new series called #TabletopRadar!

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MoonLashes, a high-end cutlery by VERA PURE

„MoonLashes, a high-end cutlery by VERA PURE“

Tableware is one of the essential elements of a classy home interior. I decided to highlight here an avant-garde cutlery line – MoonLashes – created by VERA PURE, an emerging brand that instills quality and aesthetic in its products.

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Inside NYC’s most beautiful new restaurant

„Inside NYC’s most beautiful new restaurant“

Sorry, kids — “fine dining” is still my idea of the dining to beat. Especially when “fine” means great. Take Gabriel Kreuther, an impossible dream tremulously born on the ground floor of an office building that faces Bryant Park.

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About us
Vera Pure

About us

VERA PURE creations are nourished by Japanese “Wabi Sabi” philosophy, Italian design esprit and Swiss precision. VERA PURE’s highest priority is the function integrated into the design.

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The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding

Vera Pure designs were chosen as a part of a hand-picked selection of projects to be included in the only official wedding album of the royal family for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding sent to all their guests!

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