Eckart Foodlab #1

Vera and Gio Purtscher attended the first ECKART Foodlab by Eckart Witzigmann held on 20 May in Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace.

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Eckart Foodlab #1 in Vienna

What is good food? Is it possible to enjoy good food without the feeling of guilt? How do labels such as organic, seasonal and regional help us? These are some of the questions discussed at the ECKART Foodlab #1, organized by chef Witzigmann and the Eckart Academy.

Hosted at the stunning Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, the event gathered some of the greatest names of the culinary industry. Among them were the famous chef and entrepreneur Wolfgang Puck, Franck Giovannini from Crissier, Jan Hartwig from the Atelier in Munich, and Matthias Hahn from the Atelier Ducasse in Paris. The panelists discussed various topics, from Viennese cuisine to Digital food.

For Vera Pure, the event proved to be a small reunion with some of the long-term partners. Above all, chef Hans Haas from the Tantris restaurant in Munich, with and for whom Vera developed the unique Tantris porcelain series, chef Reitbauer who is using the MoonLashes silverware in his award-winning Steirereck restaurant in Vienna and the host Witzigmann, who introduced Vera’s tabletop designs to Ikarus restaurant in the Red Bull’s Hangar-7.

Full program and the list of participants is available at the official ECKART Foodlab #1 website.

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