Tantris catering chinaware series, produced by Tafelstern, Germany, and used in the best restaurants. Highly resistant to scratching and breakage. A very special story lies behind its creation, with wonderful advisers: Hans Haas, the star Chef and MoonLashes cutlery enthusiast, with his briefing on all that a plate should be able to do, Mr Metzger, the Chef de Service, with his input that the plates also need, for example, to be stackable, Mr Brousse, the Food & Beverage Manager, responsible for the costs – and last but not least, Ms Johannes, the Product Developer for the manufacturer. A tableware series with an out-of-the-ordinary history and special “godparents”. The flat plate was designed to be really planar, with no rim, the deep plate to hover, the agave leaf to keep secrets, while the oval plate pays tribute to asymmetry and is immensely practical.

Timelessly modern

Agave leave. It is a plate ideally suited to hors d’oeuvres, appetisers, salads, desserts, whose shape gently flatters the delicacy – enfolding it, so to speak; while, at the same time, concealing it from the person sitting opposite, playfully inspiring curiosity.

Outside the mainstream

Coffee cup Tantris
Designing hollow forms out of china was a very special experience, as the production processes for high-end catering chinaware make many design ideas unfeasible. Certain design ideas can only be realised through hand production. 30 designs and many enriching experiences later, the Tantris dinnerware series with the coffee and mocha cups, including saucers, was completed.