EXPO 2020

Vera Pure at Expo 2020

Currently hosted in Dubai, UAE, EXPO 2020 is a world exhibition representing 192 participating countries together with their art, architecture, science, culture and more. As an innovative business, offering unique tableware design solutions and art pieces, Vera Pure can be found at the Austrian Pavilion. Read more.

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„Connecting Minds, Creating the Future“

The long awaited EXPO 2020 has officially kicked off with an opening ceremony held on 30 September in the iconic Al Wasl Plaza in Dubai. Live-streamed on You Tube, with screenings in hotels, malls, airports, and other locations, the event has finally joined 192 countries and numerous organizations in one big display of art, architecture, science, culture and more.

Among the stunning pavilions representing the participating countries is Austria Pavilion, a sophisticated architectural solution with 38 shiny white cones forming its ensemble. The exhibition inside the Pavilion takes visitors on an inspiring journey through spectacular spatial sequences, bringing together sensory and digital experiences in a harmonious structure.

Labeled “a journey for all senses”, Austrian pavilion is a showcase of creative, resourceful initiatives and inspiring solutions from Austria in a dedicated exhibition-area. In addition, the hosts are presenting the true Austrian hospitality at the Vienna Coffeehouse, serving traditional Austrian delicacies complemented by MoonLashes silverware collection by Vera Pure.

As a family-owned business with unique, creative tableware solutions, Vera Pure is proud to be a part of the world’s “greatest showcase of human brilliance and achievement”.

About us
Vera Pure

About us

VERA PURE creations are nourished by Japanese “Wabi Sabi” philosophy, Italian design esprit and Swiss precision. VERA PURE’s highest priority is the function integrated into the design.

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