Lawyers Firm

A lawyer´s chambers, divided among several floors in an office building in St. Gallen, needed to be given a central, elegant reception area, while nonetheless remaining a place where secretarial work is carried out. An additional task was to design a conference room. Attention was given to combining pragmatism and practicality with dignity and stability. The company philosophy of the lawyer´s office – respectable, serious, efficient, customer-oriented, friendly, with an approach founded on underlying humour – is also reflected in the choice of art works and my design plan. Thus, the desks swing in curves (practical and playful), and the cube lights up at the reception area, and can serve as both a platform for the exquisite display of a bouquet of flowers or a repository for miscellaneous objects, while in reality functioning as an attractive barrier between the confidential office area and the visitors´zone. This diversity pervades every design solution. The view of the Old Town of St. Gallen rounds off the enchanting sensation of space here.