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The new art of glamorous drinking


How did the Idea of the new glass system SinStella glass system come up? What was the inspiration to design SinStella?

Champagne and wine glasses tend to break easily. Owners of famous restaurants worldwide and their renowned chefs complained about losing up to one-third of their stock every year. A very important partner for VERA PURE is world famous Italian Chef Roland Trettl, who was a huge support in the creation of the prototypes during his time as Chef de Cuisine of the Red Bull Hangar 7 in Salzburg. The next phase was all about testing the prototypes for further improvement. French Celebrity Chef Gabriel Kreuther is heavily supporting the development of the SinStella line as he exclusively used them in the past year and exchanged his experiences and thoughts thoroughly with head designer Vera Purtscher.


What makes SinStella so special?

The sculptural base is a handmade piece of highest accuracy holding the different blown crystal glass inputs. The champagne flute, the small dish or bowl fit perfectly into the SinStella base. A masterpiece of handmade elaborateness and splendid glass quality with corresponding iridescent sparkle. The SinStella base is cut out of a block of massive, flawless, entirely bubble free, optical K9–glass (like a sculptor cuts out of marble) and then extensively polished. Using SinStella, you can avoid unpleasant accidents and significantly reduce costs.

ø = 56 h = 218

ø = 100 h = 89

ø = 144 h = 78

ø = 68 h = 78

How can SinStella be used?

In the top gastronomy, creative chefs use the diverse SinStella inputs for an aperitif, for an amuse-bouche, for a small starter or an intermediate course as well as for petit fours and a shot. In the case of breakage of glass, only the more resistant inputs (without stem and foot) have to be replaced. The SinStella base remains.

The SinStella family is constantly growing

What makes SinStella so much more robust than traditional glasses?

The SinStella base hardly bursts. Traditional breaking points are eliminated or reduced to an absolute minimum. Consequently, the different inputs without foot and stem are favorable and available at a reduced rate. In addition, our observations have proven that people behave more carefuly when using the precious SinStella.

The modular system provides a lot of opportunities for your own creativity in arranging your drinks and your dinner serving.

How to make your SinStella glasses even more exclusive?

VERA PURE has a close and direct contact with its clients and their wishes and fosters their individuality. VERA PURE is in the truest sense of the word puristic. Our flutes are offered pure and sand brushed. But VERA PURE encourages playfulness and creativity. As such, the purity of our SinStellas not only allows but invites to be individualized via personal decorations, monograms, initials, patterns, signs. Design your very own personalized SinStella for an even more individual experience with your new glasses.

The modern form of sublime drinking- multifunctional and glamorous

More shatter- proof than other collections

Rainbow colors lighten your room

All glass pieces fit perfectly into the conical shaped SinStella base. These different inputs are handmade blown glasses, reduced in form and showing respect for the sparkling SinStella base that enlightens every room with its iridescent reflections.