Glass Projects

“Glass challenges me!
It behaves differently from other materials. In its “invisibility” it defies the normal form-related criteria. What appears as a drawing is completely different in its glassy materialisation.
I wrestle with this fragilely stubborn, ringing, clinking thing.
Glass is found both as a delicately-woven cocoon and in completely solid form.
Glass is soft and hard.
Glass is hot and cold.
Glass is hollow and full.
Glass is heavy and light.
Glass – as I shape it – is pure hand (and mouth) work and is thus an ideal companion for my other products, such as cutlery or china.”

Vera Purtscher

Sun Whisper

The “Sun Whisper” glass series got its name because the clarity and transparency of this exquisite glass is like a spun cocoon in sunlight. All these glasses have been blown entirely by mouth – not only the bowl, but also the stem and the base of the glass, each likewise joined to one another and to the bowl by hand. The elegance of this series is also a result of its proportions. Once the table has been spread, the exquisite glasses stand high and set a special tone.

For example, the red wine glass is 27 cm high, with a diameter of 10 cm at the widest opening of the bowl, while the white wine glass is 23 cm high and the champagne glass 24.5 cm high – with a diameter of 12 cm and a suitably large base for stability.