A large cowshed and a one-family house which had become unusable due to several conversions over the decades originally stood on the building plot. The cowshed held a certain fascination because of its massive size (protection from the side facing the road, intimacy on the side facing the garden) and its rudimentary wooden construction (hand-hewn beams, wooden joins). The desired architectural solution was aimed at integrating a tailor´s workshop for the client in the existing cowshed and placing this side-by-side with a contrasting structure built as a solid construction. This was intended to face the garden, which was also ideally aligned to the sun; by contrast, a clear partition was demarcated to the north and towards the street.

The lengthwise orientation of the structure was emphasised through a continuation of the street facade with a protective wall, in which a single opening looking into the garden area was cut.

The cellar to be preserved under the solid structure defined the ground-floor level, which allowed a higher ceiling in the living-room area. Also, the position and size of the terrace in the area in front of the kitchen was determined by the (wine/storage) cellar. The generous sweep of the glazed garden facade surrounds the natural green space.