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Rare, unusual cutlery that has to be made by hand – which forms part of its exclusiveness. Designed by an architect, for whom the linking of aesthetics with outstanding functionality is especially important; and who’s concerned day-to-day with questions of material properties, the laws of proportion, surfaces, rhythm, distance and nearness on a larger scale: this characterises her field of work.

The spoon is man’s oldest eating utensil. Recently, the spoon has been refined and was subtly, elegantly and ergonomically developed. To considerably ease the process of eating for both right- and left-handers, the bowl was placed slightly asymmetrical to the spoon’s handle, which fits perfectly in the hand due to weight distribution and shape. An entire cutlery series emerged from the same high standards: the MoonLashes.

Balance in the asymmetric

Ergonomically outstanding

VERA PURE has not forgotten about the left-handers!


A pleasure for the eyes and healthy for body and soul

One form, diverse surfaces