Casinos Austria Bregenz

Bregenz Casino wanted an extension to the heterogeneous, floral, opulent eighties’ building, which is built onto the Hotel Mercure with a prefab concrete element facade. The current extravagant design called for a very quiet, windowless, low structure, which could grow old gracefully, in contrast to the trendy existing building. The interior had to be fitted out in standard casino style, but we also made a crystal chandelier with a diameter of 13 metres appear still larger through reflection there.

The flat roof serves as a terrace for the restaurant area. The dramatic aspect of climbing stairs is celebrated here in the festive, playful architecture of the outside staircase. The natural stone facade is banded and enlivened through details such as the contrast between smooth and stacked surfaces. It displays sunken chrome bands, some of which are illuminated. The stainless-steel handrails and their fixtures owe their existence to the love of detail of an architect who also works in product design – likewise the proportion of the polished stone bands, as compared to the rough bands, and other refinements. A gigantic awning provides shade to the restaurant terrace, emphasising the nearness of Lake Constance.