World of McIntosh Townhouse

The invite-only five-story mansion, carefully hidden in Manhattan, is the most perfect event venue, with a pool where music videos are being filmed, a stunning, secluded library and beautiful dining tables laid-out with Vera Pure tabletop designs! Take a tour!

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World of McIntosh Townhouse

Most people will walk past the World of McIntosh without even knowing it. Carefully hidden on the 214 Lafayette, this stunning venue will take your breath away.

This invite-only 12,000 square-foot showroom has it all: glove leather sofas, a library, a pool, a listening lounge to experience the elite audio system, and even a roof garden. The third floor is reserved as the main event space, hosting parties and dinners. A personal mixologist and chef on site make up for even more special experience! With the state-of-the-art dishes complemented by the Vera Pure tabletop designs, the secret mansion takes design to the next level.

Also known as Manhattan’s most exclusive mansion, the World of McIntosh is a backdrop to celebrity parties and music videos. Musicians like John Mayer and Beyonce have filmed videos right here and you can now take a private tour!

© Nadav Havakook / World of McIntosh

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