The Royal Wedding

VERA PURE designs were chosen as a part of a hand-picked selection of projects to be included in the only official publication of the royal family for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding sent to all the wedding guests – a real gamechanger for the small design studio.

In spring 2018, the brand new SinStella Champagne flutes were presented at an exclusive event held by the World’s oldest Rolls-Royce members’ club capturing the attention of the illustrious guests.

As a result, the special engraved SinStella Flute was chosen to be featured in the only official photo album for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle “Harry & Meghan – The Wedding Album” among a handful of luxury brands.

Both an honor and a real gamechanger for our design studio!

On 300 pages, the high-quality book covers different parts of the life of the couple, their private life and charity work, and in addition, exclusive stories of luxury brands.

A Champagne Flute carefully engraved with a crown and the initials of Harry and Meghan perfectly fits this special moment. VERA PURE, as a small design family business, is proud to have been able to contribute a small part in the royal celebrations.


Engraved SinStella Flutes for the Royal Wedding album, 2018, ©Faruk Pinjo