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Chicago is getting a whole new fine dining concept. Chef Jenner Tomaska and wife Katrina Bravo united philanthropy, art, and dining in the newly opened restaurant Esmé in Lincoln Park. Vera Pure is proud to be a part of the story! Read more.

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MoonLashes cutlery at Esmé restaurant

We are proud to announce our latest fine dining collaboration! As of summer 2021, you can find our MoonLashes cutlery alongside amazing dishes at Esmé Chicago. The fine dining concept by chef Jenner Tomaska & his wife Katrina Bravo opened in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighbourhood.

Meaning “beloved” in French, even the name of the restaurant reflects their vision and the idea behind Esmé. This new community-focused restaurant unites fine dining with philanthropy and art through a very special experience. Needless to say, we are incredibly proud to be a part of the Esmé story! “The angle is to do something positive and promote that. And hopefully, it inspires others to do the same”, said Katrina Bravo for Robb Report.

MoonLashes cutlery is a part of the food presentation at Esmé since the very beginning. “It is our great pleasure to work with the best in the fine dining industry and to see our MoonLashes collection at dining hotspots such as Esmé Chicago”, said Vera Pure CEO Gio Purtscher on the new project. “Our designs are very special, unique and well thought-through. We are always happy to see them elevating the dining experience and presentation of food and drinks of talented chefs and their teams.”

Vera Pure launched the MoonLashes collection back in 2001, after almost a decade of product development and optimisation. It is a 19-pieces collection of an exquisite functional and aesthetic quality. Handmade and available in different special coatings, such as gold, silver, copper, and titanium, MoonLashes are both modern and an evergreen. For more information, see MoonLashes cutlery.

Read more: “At Chicago’s Esmé, a Focus on Art and Community Is Helping to Redefine the Tasting Menu” at Robb Report & “Esmé, Chicago’s Artist-Inspired Tasting-Menu Restaurant, Gets a Mid-August Opening Date” at Chicago Eater.

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