Masterpiece Collection 2019 Vienna

Held at the Grand Hotel, Masterpiece Collection brought some of the finest handicraft and artwork masters to Vienna.

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This September Vienna design, art, and handicraft aficionados enjoyed a very special exhibition at the Grand Hotel Wien. Organized by Purpur Communications, Masterpiece Collection displayed handicrafts and artworks of a hand-picked selection of exhibitors.

Over 40 national and international manufacturers, designers and creatives showcased their works, each a “masterpiece”. In the times of mass production, the organizers aimed at highlighting above all sustainability and regionality.

Among the exhibitors were some of Austria’s finest manufactories: Pure Kashmir, Wien Products, Classic Art Vienna, Romeo Caviar, Mogli & Martini, and others.

Vera Pure presented SinStella crystals and MoonLashes silverware collection, catching the attention of numerous visitors. In addition to tableware designs, some of Vera Purtscher’s Unique pieces were also on display.