Vera Pure designs were chosen as a part of a hand-picked selection of projects to be included in the only official wedding album of the royal family for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding sent to all their guests!

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Harry and Meghan Wedding

In spring 2018, an exclusive exhibition of a limited selection of luxury manufacturers was organized by the World’s oldest Rolls-Royce members’ club. Among the exhibitors were yachting companies, finest caviar and champagne producers and Vera Pure exclusive tabletop designs.

The luxury champagne flutes SinStella were particularly interesting for the illustrious guests, evidently even grabbing the attention of the British Royal Family’s entourage. Equipping “the event of the century” in less than a month was not possible at this point, so the royal surprise that followed was even more appreciated:
The SinStella champagne flutes were among the hand-picked selection of special projects to be included in the only official wedding publication of the royal family.

An imperial Champagne Flute carefully engraved with the British crown and the initials of Harry and Meghan was a perfect match for this special moment! The book titled “Royal Wedding Album” was presented as a special gift by the royal couple to all their wedding guests.

Photo by Faruk Pinjo, except the Royal Wedding Album cover.


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