Chef Days 2019 Graz

These were the Chef Days 2019! The largest food symposium in Austria brought a phenomenal lineup, spectacular program, and a sensational premiere. The event was held from 27-28. May in Graz and welcomed world-famous chefs and restaurateurs, who captivated the audience with pioneering concepts and innovative techniques. Read more.

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Chef Days 2019 Graz

Two full days of pure inspiration, three stages, more than 40 national and international speakers and over 3,000 visitors made Chef Days 2019 Austria’s largest symposium for chefs and restaurateurs.

A total of 24 creative keynote speakers presented their culinary talents and philosophies, illustrating the exciting future of gastronomy. Among them were: gourmet guru Roland Trettl, Agustin Balbi (Hong Kong’s Best New Chef 2016), Evgeny Vikentev (Cell, Berlin), Latvian chef Maksims Cekot (Max Cekot Kitchen, Riga), Sacher CEO Matthias Winkler, and Richard Smoke from the Steira Wirt.

Three stages hosted “Female Heroes” Barbara Eselböck, Birgit Reitbauer, and Eveline Wild. The new NUTS stage, restaurateurs held sessions for young entrepreneurs. In special “Fuck-up-talks” they spoke about their personal challenges and defeats and the learning outcomes.

In addition, the 50 best chefs in Austria were announced at the 50 BEST CHEFS stage on May 27th. Read more about the event at the official Chef Days 2019 website.

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