VERA PURE creations are nourished by Japanese "Wabi Sabi" philosophy, Italian design esprit and Swiss precision. VERA PURE's highest priority is the function integrated into the design.

Wild Dancing
Thinking a clear thought to the end
Having good conversations

Vera starts her career in the office of Prof. Wilhelm Holzbauer after finishing her studies at the TU Vienna in architecture in 1989. In 1997 she opens her own Architecture Atelier in Vienna. Vera designs and organizes several exhibitions in New York, Chicago, Zagreb, Liberec and Vienna. She writes architectural reviews for several renowned magazines and wins in 2001 the “Austrian award for cultural and art intermediation”. In 2001 she opens her own Design Atelier VERA PURE (previously VPUR Design) and launches her cutlery series MoonLashes used in exquisite restaurants by some of the most famous chef de cuisine all over the world. The glass series SinStella comes into the market in 2014. Vera is a member of a Think Tank in the Western part of Austria Vmax, on the advisory board for the energy future of the region of Vorarlberg and in the University Council of the Innsbruck Medical University.

Vintage Cars

After graduating from his master studies in International Management at the WU Vienna and in International Marketing at the Bocconi in Milan, Gio starts to work as an Assistant of a Member to the Austrian Parliament. Later on, he will be part of the team of the Vice-president of the European Parliament in Bruxelles. From 2012 to 2016 he is Chairman of the Forum Alpbach Network and Board Member of the European Forum Alpbach (EFA). The Organization is responsible for 20.000 former scholarship holders to the EFA and 500 active members in over 30 European countries. In 2014 Gio takes over the Sales and Distribution for VERA PURE and becomes CEO in 2016.

What is the story behind VERA PURE?

Vera Purtscher is the architect, artist and head designer behind VERA PURE. Her innovative yet timeless creations bear her signature committed to excellence. In her early days at University, she was deeply impressed by and strived for more knowledge about the Japanese culture. A long and intense tie to Italy is the other deep inspiration for her oeuvres. The key principles in her design philosophy are the learning from nature’s beauty and sustainability. Vera Purtscher was the only Austrian designer ever to get into the “Alessi” product range. The teapot warmer "Inner Fire" even became a part of the "Alessi Memory Containers". With the MoonLashes Cutlery and the SinStella Glasses, VERA PURE now has a subtle, but very impressive client list on her own.

Which values is VERA PURE based on?

With an ambitious aesthetic value, the focus remains on the user and his functional and ergonomic needs. VERA PURE's goal is to create poetry in every piece, welcoming a glimpse of humor. In times of exchangeability of things, VERA PURE commits to timelessness and distinctiveness. Vera Purtscher perceives her creations as “small nomadic pieces of architecture”.